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Big Progressive Jackpot Casino Party finally fallen

For months we write about the ever-growing progressive Jackpot of Gold Mega Party Casino. The jackpot kept growing and it seemed as though he would never fall, but nothing is less true, because last week did a celebrity player in the online casino jackpot.

The VIP player would like to remain anonymous and that is understandable, since the winner won a jackpot in the hold of $ 4,978, $ 336, converted approximately 3.3 million euros. And although the casino news has not reached us yet because PartyCasino nothing interesting about these profits have dropped, can be pretty sure it said that the biggest progressive jackpot at Party Casino has ever fallen.

It is already released the player to win Gold Mega Jackpot video slot with the Mega Fortune Wheel, you can win the jackpot by playing Mega Fortune Wheel, one of the most played video slots at Party Casino. Mega Fortune Wheel is a 9 payline slot with 5 reels and many extras. You will receive three to turn the wheel in the bonus round where you radsymbool three times in the image, which you can bring a huge bonus. Moreover, the game also the diamond as Wild and replaces any other symbol except the radsymbool.

Also on the video slots The Godfather, Super Star, Super Joker, Super Mystic Super Fortune Wheel, and make you another chance at the Gold Mega Jackpot and three other jackpots, you can still occasionally also rotate your way to riches. Although the jackpot again fell he is now back to almost half one million U.S. dollars, and that’s a good amount.

Visit the Bally’s Casino Hotel in Las Vegas

Known as another good casino hotel operating under the Harrah’s Entertainment brand, Bally’s Las Vegas promises to give the ultimate gaming pleasure to all its guests and visitors. With 67,000 square feet that are entirely devoted to its casino, this place is without a doubt one of the best providers of world-class gaming experience. Aside from being known for its unique neon lighting at night, the casino hotel has also established a good reputation in terms of its high quality casino games.

All throughout the entire week, the casino floor at Bally’s is expected to be filled with avid and enthusiastic players who want to satisfy their cravings for good and competitive games. Because of its cosmopolitan theme, guests always find the place very much cool and enticing place to visit. From slot machines, poker, and even traditional table games, this place really has it all. Furthermore, the fun will never stop, as there is also a keno lounge, as well as a race and sports book to try on.

Filled with a generous serving of hot deals as well as other stay and play packages, the Bally’s Champagne Slots Lounge contains some of the best and carefully selected slot machines available today. Aside from its extensive array of electronic slots and video poker machines, it also has a high limit area that is specifically intended for high stakes slot players. This is really the place to be when in search for high quality slot machines.

Besides the beautiful slot machines, visitors and guests can always look forward to the different table games available at Bally’s Las Vegas. With games ranging from traditional casino games up to the most recently developed games today, this place indeed has them all. Guaranteed to be fast-paced, this casino hotel promises to deliver non-stop gaming action to everyone. Playing craps, blackjack, and baccarat have always been exciting especially when played within the comfortable and lively ambiance of this grand gaming facility.

Furthermore, poker is also a nice game to play at Bally’s. To answer the rising demand for fine and convenient poker gaming locations, the casino hotel has designed a wonderful room filled with all the latest and elegant equipment used in playing the game. From the seven card stud down to the very popular Texas Holdem poker variant, this place will give almost anything that guests desire in terms of gaming.

Aside from the usual Keno games, Bally’s Las Vegas has a special event called Touchdown Keno, which is conducted on Monday nights during football games. In addition to these special features, there are also speed games, rewards program, and other specials. Meanwhile, the top/bottom version of the game is a regular showcase at this place.

Table Games at Rio Casino Hotel in Atlantic City

Known as attractive, exciting and enjoyable games in casinos, table games usually include those that use dice, dominoes and playing cards. Table games are commonly visited and played by gamblers in casinos. Casinos have designated rooms for the table games to avoid disorganization and complaints in their facilities. Hence, gamblers and players will not have a hard time locating their favorite table games because the games are placed in one room.

Prestigious and premier casino hotels make sure that they have rooms that are especially created for players who are in search for different table games. The rooms that they assign for table games are organized and clean so players will not have problems looking for the games that they want to play. All the table games in most casinos are organized in one room so most players can play the different table games without the need for visiting different rooms of casinos.

The Rio Casino Hotel in Atlantic City has luring table games. Like other international casinos, the table games at the Rio Casino Hotel are located in one room. To those who are not familiar with the casino, they will still enjoy their stays at the casino because all their favorite table games are organized and placed in a single section. What is best before players go to the casino is to visit the Web site of the Rio Casino Hotel so that they will have ideas about the games that are featured at the gambling establishment.

Based on studies, blackjack, craps and roulette are some of the table games that are available at the casino. There are also tables that are assigned for players who will play Let It Ride, pai gow poker and Asian poker. The presence of these table games in the facilities of the hotel only proves that many players visit the room of the casino where the table games are placed.

According to those who have played at the Rio Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, there is above 80 table games that are available at this establishment. In addition, the room of the casino hotel where the table games are placed are clean which is one of the factors why many gamblers visit and play different table games in the facility. Above all, the casino hotel provides rewards and special offerings to lucky players of table games so they will remember every minute that they will spend playing the games in the gambling establishment.

Planning a Perfect Casino Trip

Time and time again, you try to amuse yourself by playing in an online casino. Each time you log in at the casino’s webpage, there is a different kind of excitement within you. You are anxious yet you are not completely feeling it. There seems to be something missing. At this point, we could say you are tired of gambling online. And the only way to complete the excitement is by making a trip to the casino, with all the lights and all the people who are trying their luck to win a pot

Paying a visit to an actual casino needs a preparation. You cannot just pack your bags and leave in the morning or else you will go back home with a sad casino story. So, in order to ensure that your trip goes well, there are guidelines made just for you.

Deciding where you would like to go is the first task. In picking a casino, you should always consider your budget. Could you afford a weekend in such a casino? Another thing you have to keep in mind is the distance. Would the travel time take most of your allotted time for this casino trip?

The next step is planning a travel itinerary. In making this itinerary, there are two very important steps. First off, you will need to decide on the means of transportation. Driving is the best option for those who live nearby. However, if you are far from the casino, simply fly to your destination. This will surely save you time. The second important step will require booking a hotel room. All cities with casinos have several hotels, from which you can choose from. So we don’t think that you will have any problems in getting the hotel that will suit your budget.

Having your finances straight before leave allows you to know how much money you can spend at a casino. Moreover, it ensures that you will not go over your budget and end up in trouble. Remember that this is a very important step that should be taken seriously.

Lastly, spread your budget around. You should never stay in one casino all the time for this will rob you of the chance to experience thousands of other games in other casinos. Go from one casino to another and get most out of trip.

If, at this moment, you are tired of going in front of your computer to play online casino games, then get up and start planning. Try to follow these helpful tips as these will give you a hundred percent assurance that you will have a perfectcasino trip. Enjoy planning and have a great time playing!